Church (C)
Jesus Just Left Chicago (G)
Purple Rain (C)
Night Train (A)
Faith & Ammunition (C)
Didn’t it Rain (E)
44 (E)
In the Mood (E)
Parchman Farm (A)
Gimme Shelter (E)
Summertime (Am)
Rattlesnake (E)
Pick Them Bones (E)
Pendulum (E)
Jeremy’s Song (C)
All Mixed Up (Eb)
Ring of Fire (Gm)
Spell on You (C#)
Same Old Blues (Am)
Little Schoolgirl (C)
Shadows (F#m)
Muddy Waters (Am)
Crow Stew (A)
Bright Lights (A)
Soulshine (A)
Forsaken Blues (G)
Stand Up (A)
Rock Salt and Nails (G)
Big Boss Man (E)
Rain / Pushin (E)
I’m Ready (F)
Damned (Em)
Little By Little (G)
Gasoline & Matches (E)

Kids are Ugly (A)
Junior Parker (D)
Skynyrd 2 (A)
Black Cat Road (B)
Hear Me Holla (C)
Mama (E)
Talk Is Cheap (E)
Lay Your Gun Down (Am)
Hard Hearted Woman
Watch the Middle (G)
Rock Me (E)
Work It (C)
Boogie/Matchbox (A)
Swing in A
Run Through the Jungle
Baby Please Don’t Go (E)
Chain of Fools (Am)
Coal Mine (A)
Aint Got The Cash (A)
Cabbage Head (G)
Angel from Mont.
Frosty (D)
I Don’t Believe (D)
Scramblin’ (E)
Chitlins (C)
Green Onions (F)
You Shook Me (E)
Different Kind of Blue (A)
I’d Rather go Blind (A)
Honky Tonk (G)
Undertow (Bm)
With or Without You (D)
California Dreamin’ (Bm)
Whole Lotta Love (E)
Get Away (G min)