That’s A Wrap!

And, SWOOSH! Like the flick of a kitty cat’s tail, summer is waving goodbye..

What a blast.

Dam Blues Fest Pub Crawl (photo: Sarah S.)


Yummy & Mitchell’s Low Down Dirty Blues Fest (photo: Bruce Herrick)

Buck’s Naked BBQ gig (photo Jessie Mae Hines)

From the stage at Camp To Belong Music Festival (photo Jessie Mae Hines)

We had a blast at Bray’s Brew Pub on Friday night, and we are very excited about our successful debut gig at Buck’s Naked BBQ in Freeport, Maine on Saturday night! Thank you Norma, Bruce, Lavender Blues Gals, Jessie and Sue, and JC and his lovely wife and friends for staying all night and supporting our music! We look forward to getting in the rotation there in 2015. And Sunday, over in Waterford, playing at the Camp To Belong Music Festival was just so lovely and fun… this will be another event we will look forward to every year, as well! And, I’m told the First Annual Sammy Chapman Golf Classic & Music Festival was a huge hit.

BCR is so happy to be a part of all of these wonderful moments. Thank you!

Next up, The Frog & Turtle – A Gastro Pub! That’s Friday, September 5 at 8:30! See you there!