Part -AY!

Frog & Turtle 9/5/14 Photo: Bob Travis

So, we had a fantastic weekend playing up at Mount Abrams for the crazy people who run up and down mountains, then an hour set down at our beloved Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill for the going away / welcoming party Saturday! What a blast. OH, and also a stellar two sets on Friday night down at the cozy Frog & Turtle…A Gastro Pub, as well! Jessie and Steve stopped in for a quick set at the Take A Load Off Annie event at Tucker’s Pub on Sunday, and the open blues jam at the Tailgate was AWASH with fantastic musicians pulling off all kinds of entertaining sets… was it the Super Moon that brought all this great mojo? Who knows?

Frog & Turtle 9/5/14 Photo: Kirk Wishkowski

Meanwhile, we have just been informed that our next gig on Saturday, September 13th, has been opened up to include our very favorite folks, you guys! Our friends and fans are welcome to come to this event. It is at a place only known as “DANNYLAND,” and the location is 56 Princeton St. in Portland. GOOGLE IT! We will begin to play at 2 p.m. and will stop around 5 p.m. I am going to assume you should probably B.Y.O.B. and perhaps a dish or a snack? This should be a lot of fun, so we hope to see you all there!

Here’s a nice email we received late last week. Made our little hearts go purr purr purr:

“You guys were awesome at brays! What a great show. Love the new wrinkles. Entertaining all in sych with moves on stage. Great comradeship. Good vibes from all of you. Steve nice rapport complimenting all the members during intros. Keyboard was great. Katie added some voice chorus nice touch. Drummer solid throughout. You and Jessie singing always an extra treat, Kudos all around. Love the web site excellent. Your oldest fan club groupy is back. See you at the next gig!! rhythm fantastic. what a special night. Jessie your solo’s give us goose bumps, especially when you hit your high note. thank you all around.”

Dave M. 9/6/14